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3.5inch IPS USB Mini ScreenSoftware Setting

1."Setting Software" Download :

Software Download (click to download)


2、Open the application routine “UsbMonitor.exe” after downloading it.

3、Set the "Theme" your want.

a.Screen flip: 0 or 180 degrees can be set:

b.Theme: Click the drop-down box to switch between different themes:

c.Custom Information: information: You can enter custom information, such as CPU modelforexample, enter 9900K:

d. Automatic Brightness Adjustment: Toggle the brightness bar to enhance or diminish the screen brightness:

e. Status Bar Background Style/Status bar Foreground Style: adjust the status bar color


4、Startup and Settings

1. Click the "Settings" button in the interface to pop up the settings interface
2. Check the self-starting box to start at boot
3. Click the settings in the menu to select the network card to be monitored, and the soft
ware will take effect after restarting
4. Switch sensor: switch the sensor ofthe device hardware


5、Theme Notes

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