Mini Keyboard Software Setting

How to use and set up our mini keyboard?

Follow me!

1、"Setting Software" :

Software Download (click to download)

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2、Open the application routine “MINI KeyBoard.exe” after downloading it.

3、Set the Hot Keys your want.

For example, Set a key as a shortcut language, "hello". 

Select the key1 you want to set in the upper left corner, enter “hello” in the blank input box in the middle, and then click the download button in the upper right corner. The whole setting is done.

Then click the key 1 on your mini keyboard, and you can immediately input hello without typing letter by letter.

By following the same steps above, you can set up different key functions.

4. RGB Lights: Red、Orange、Yellow、Green、Cyan、Blue、Purple.

LED Mode0: Close the Light.

LED Mode1: Steady on (All Keys)

LED Mode2: Fast Glow (From First to Last Keys)

LED Mode3: Fast Glow (From Last to First Keys)

LED Mode4: Light Up when Pressed (Single Key)

LED Mode5: White Light (All Keys)

Note: Light will on only with the usb cable connect.

5. Knob Setting

6. Switch the Layer (Different Layers for Different Functions)

7. More Settings:

One-key Wake-up Software: Set the Shortcut Key of your Software, and Set in the Keyboard Also.


For more questions, please feel free to contact our service and we will provide you with more detailed explanations.

NOTE: If your keyboard light cannot be fully lit, please download this software to set: Software Download (click to download)

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This software is compability with Windows 11??

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