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SIKAI CASE Astronaut Shape silicone case for Airtag tracker

Impressive Design, Airtag case!


NEW ARRIVAL in 2022!!!

SIKAI CASE latest product is released: Airtag astronaut protective case, tribute to man's first landing on the moon.


(Can be installed by both sides)

If the metal side of Airtag is facing outward, it has the appearance of a fully reflective mirror mask similar to a spacesuit; If the other side is facing outward, it can also show Airtag's customized pattern or stickers. 


The top hole can be threaded with a strap and keychain for easy carrying as a small accessory.


Our Inspiration from Moon Landing

A pair of small shoes for the astronaut protective cover is designed, which is inspired by the photo of the first moon landing. "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind."
Actually, it is difficult to make details on the silicone material. By thousands of time's research and improvement, we finished this product.  



Magnetic plug organizer

The small shoes are removable and can be used as a magnetic plug storage after removing the small shoes, one USB-C and one IOS magnetic plug on each side.


Colorful design

A variety of colors, including turquoise blue and fluorescent green at night will emit luminescence. There is also a logo design on the back of the case.


SIKAI, Just like it.

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